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Beyond the Scoop: 7 Creative Ice Cream Ideas

‍Ice cream is a delightful indulgence enjoyed by many for its perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess. This frozen treat is not just a dessert; it can be used in numerous dishes and recipes, making it a versatile dessert option.

A Treat Beyond Summer

Typically associated with hot summer days, ice cream’s icy and revitalising sensation provides a soothing respite from the heat. However, its appeal extends far beyond the warmer months. Whether it’s a steaming pudding in winter or a chilled milkshake in spring, ice cream can be a delightful accompaniment in any season.

“Ice cream knows no season—it’s a dessert for all year-round occasions.”

Getting Creative with Ice Cream

Ice cream can play an essential role in various dishes and recipes. It can be a classic tray bake for a sundae, paired with a chocolate brownie or a caramel shortbread and topped with chocolate or toffee sauce. It can also be creatively used in ice cream cookies or doughnut sandwiches, perfect for Instagram-worthy photos.

Here are some ideas to explore:

The Affogato

An affogato is an Italian dessert that features a scoop of vanilla ice cream crowned with a shot of espresso. We’ve put our spin on this traditional Italian treat by pouring espresso over ice cream and using the Fairway Assured Tiramisu Cake for an added touch of luxury.

Stunning Sundaes

Sundaes are ice cream dishes with added ingredients such as fruit, nuts, and syrup. Here are three creative suggestions to experiment with:

Vanilla Bliss: Use the Fairway Assured Vanilla Soft Scoop Ice Cream with Fairway Assured Caramel Traybake, toffee sauce, white chocolate, and fudge drops on top.

ChocoLux Dream Delight: Chocolate ice cream, Boston Brownie, chocolate sauce, and dark and white chocolate chips.

Strawberry Serenade: Fairway Assured Soft Scoop Strawberry Ice Cream with Indulgent Victoria Sponge, strawberry sauce, and topped with strawberry sprinkles.

Doughnut Ice Cream

The trending doughnut ice cream combines classic doughnuts with innovative ice cream flavours, redefining traditional desserts and captivating a broad audience.

Cookie Puck Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cookie Puck Ice Cream Sandwiches are a popular dessert featuring ice cream between two baked cookies. Their popularity has skyrocketed with the emergence of artisan bakeries and gourmet ice cream shops, which have boosted their status, making them a sophisticated yet fun dessert choice.

Crazy Freakshakes

Originally from Australia, Freakshakes are extravagant milkshakes that often combine ice cream, cake, chocolate, and biscuits into an indulgent treat. These over-the-top shakes are a visual delight and have become a phenomenon in UK cafes, appealing to fans of unique and photogenic desserts.

Ice Cream Fusion Ensemble

The Ice Cream Fusion Ensemble combines crunchy cookies with fresh strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries, enhanced by fruit jelly cubes and white chocolate bark. Topped with strawberry sauce, meringue pieces, and macaron, this dessert offers a unique blend of flavours and textures in a visually appealing treat.

Children’s Build-Your-Own Loaded Ice Cream

Children’s Build-Your-Own Loaded Ice Cream is a popular UK treat. Kids can customise their ice cream with candy floss, chocolate buttons, fudge pieces, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles. This engaging and colourful dessert is perfect for parties and family outings, offering young dessert lovers a fun and tasty experience.

Ice cream extends beyond summer enjoyment, becoming a versatile element for year-round innovative desserts. From affogatos to Ice Cream Fusion Ensembles, these seven ideas redefine ice cream’s appeal, appealing to diverse tastes and ages. 

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