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Premier Foods Launches Recipe Book to Inspire School Chefs of 2024

Premier Foods, a key player in the UK food industry, has unveiled a new recipe book to mark the 30th anniversary of the LACA School Chef of the Year (SCOTY) competition. This initiative, supported by Premier Foods’ Bisto brand, aims to inspire and guide school chefs across the nation by showcasing the exceptional talent and creativity of the 2023 SCOTY finalists.

Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence

The recipe book features a selection of 22 main and dessert dishes crafted by the 2023 regional winners and finalists. These recipes not only highlight the skills and ingenuity of school chefs but also serve as a testament to the high standards maintained in school catering. The competition, known for its rigorous judging criteria, emphasises nutritious, balanced meals made on a budget, incorporating Premier Foods’ products like Bisto and Sharwoods.

Highlights from the Recipe Book

The recipe book is divided into sections, each dedicated to a finalist’s culinary creations. Here are some notable recipes:

  • Raheem Morgan, Torridon Primary School:
    • Bisto Crispy Asian Fishcake: This winning dish features a crispy fishcake served with carrot and black kale kinpira, edamame bean puree, and wasabi mayonnaise.
    • Bird’s Lime Coconut Cheesecake: A deconstructed dessert with apple and basil gel, apple crisp, cherry compote, and egg white meringue.
  • Jennifer Brown, Sarum Academy:
    • Batchelors in Fine Fettle, Fish Supper: A wholesome meal comprising baked pollock and spinach fishcake, sweet potato fries, and crushed minted peas with a curry sauce dip.
    • Angel Delight Golden Banoffee Profiteroles: Profiteroles filled with butterscotch and banana, topped with chocolate sauce and banana dust.
  • James Noakes, Maidstone Grammar School:
    • Bisto Chicken with a Thai Coconut Broth: Chicken served in a Thai coconut broth with crunchy vegetables and steamed rice.
    • McDougalls Peach Melba Crumble: A modern take on a classic dessert, featuring raspberry granola, custard panna cotta, baked peaches, and raspberry gel.

Purpose and Vision

Premier Foods sponsors SCOTY to celebrate the vital role of school chefs in providing nutritious meals to children. This competition is a highlight in the school catering calendar, showcasing the dedication, creativity, and skill of chefs who work within tight budgets and adhere to high standards of nutrition.

Why Premier Foods Sponsors SCOTY:

  • Supporting School Chefs: Recognising the hard work and passion of school chefs across the UK.
  • Promoting Nutrition: Encouraging chefs to create nutritious meals that help children concentrate and stay focused.
  • Sustainability: Part of Premier Foods’ broader commitment to fostering a sustainable future through food.

Judges’ Insights

The 2023 judging panel, including Louise Wagstaffe, Premier Foods’ Senior Culinary Advisor, and Sharon Armstrong, former School Chef of the Year, praised the high standards and creativity displayed by the finalists. They noted the chefs’ ability to create appealing, nutritious meals using a wide range of ingredients and showcased their skills in handling dietary requirements and preferences.


The SCOTY 2023 Recipe Book is more than just a collection of recipes; it is a celebration of the talent and dedication of school chefs who play a crucial role in shaping children’s eating habits and health. By sharing these professional recipes, Premier Foods hopes to inspire the next generation of school chefs to continue raising the bar in school catering.

For school chefs looking to enter the 2024 competition or simply seeking inspiration, this recipe book offers a wealth of ideas and a glimpse into the high standards of the SCOTY competition. The book is a tribute to the chefs’ commitment to providing delicious, nutritious meals that delight and nourish students across the UK.

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