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Bringing people together for millenia

Mediterranean countries have one thing in common which has spanned the ages and is still as popular today as ever – the sharing of food – in a big way! Countries which border this turquoise body of water have influenced international and domestic cuisine in a way that, just forty years ago could never have been imagined. Firstly the inclusion of simple (really) good ingredients to create basic but delicious dishes. Then there are the health benefits which Mediterranean foods can bestow when included in our everyday diet (olives were and still are considered to be the original superfood).  And last, but by no means least, is the idyllic (nay the only) way to enjoy food and that is together. From huge, days long wedding feasts to simple antipasti platters between a small group it’s all about sharing – this is no place for formality – this is a forum for eating, talking and the bringing together of ideas. We owe the style of picking, nibbling and grazing over a choice of tasty morsels to our olive producing cousins as it is one of the best ways to enjoy food and certainly the most sociable.

Simply Open, Pour & Serve!

Here at The Real Olive Company we are so excited to see that sharing is back on the menu. If you are looking for the joy of shared food, with a wonderful mixture of tastes and textures, then make way for Meze! This ready to serve, perfectly balanced and expertly curated offering, bridges the gap between your food menu and dry snacks. It is easy to serve – straight from pack with no cooking, kitchen or chef involved. What’s more, the resealable pouches and tubs will help to keep your foods tasting deli-fresh. Serve it on boards & bowls or in recyclable trays and pots – the choice is yours. We’ve even taken care of skewers, serving guidelines and point of sale material! This is a wonderful way of bringing traditional sharing of different types of food and also:

  • Offers a balanced & carefully curated selection of six meze
  • Bridges the gap between your food menu & dry snacks
  • Easy to serve – straight from pack with no cooking
  • Offers food between services without the need for a Chef
  • Acknowledges the trend in sharing & small plates
  • Suitable for front-of-house staff to serve

Two serving options

Option 1: The hardware solution:

  • 1 Bamboo serving board
  • 6 melamine bowls
  • Envelope containing 4x skewers

Option 2: The recyclable solution:

  • 1 Sturdy corrugate tray
  • 6 card pots
  • 1 Envelope containing 4x skewers

These are then filled with this delicious selection:

  • Antipasti mix – sun dried cherry tomatoes, peppers, cornichons, garlic & mixed olives.
  • Rustic Italian crostini with rosemary & olive oil
  • Mammoth Chalkidiki olives with basil & garlic
  • Smoky harissa meze dip with spicy pepper, sun dried tomato & smoked paprika
  • Chilli, lemon & paprika habas fritas & baked giant corn
  • Marinated Cheddar cheese with Macedonian peppers, chilli flakes & oregano

This could be just the food solution for you this summer – Simply Open, Pour and Serve!

A little bit about The Real Olive Company

The Real Olive Company was founded by Karin Andersson and Ben Flight, in Bristol, in 1998.

As producers of Mediterranean foods, specialising in fresh olives and deli products their mission was simple: ‘To make life taste better by connecting people to the natural vitality of Real Food’. This is why they strive to make a healthy choice taste great, by creating natural and sustainable food that can be enjoyed together, whilst nourishing mind, body and ‘soil’.

From grove to table, every step we take retains each olive’s natural goodness. After being hand-picked, we prepare, marinate and pack our olives using time-honoured recipes and cold-pressed oils so you can enjoy the freshest, most authentic olives bursting with Mediterranean sunshine. 

Staying true to our roots is at our very core; it’s about our relationships with our farmers and growers, about how we value and respect our hardworking team and how we understand and communicate with our customers.

Love Life – Eat Real.

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