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Efficiency Meets Artistry: Unveiling The New Fairway Assured Dough Balls

Introducing the new Fariway Assured Dough Balls – a range of frozen dough balls designed to enhance time efficiency and quality in the kitchen. Available in three convenient sizes: 180g, 270g, and 340g, these white/creamy round frozen dough balls simplify the process of making fresh dough, ensuring both consistency and cost-effectiveness. Crafted from light and fluffy dough, these wholesale bakery dough balls are perfect for sharing-style platters in pubs and restaurants. They can be transformed into delicious pizzas, bread rolls, flatbreads, and even cinnamon rolls. Whether you operate a care home, educational institution, takeaway, or garden centre, discover why these dough balls are worth trying out.

What sets these dough balls apart?

The process of making dough involves numerous factors such as hydration, ambient temperature, and proofing inside (or outside) the fridge. The type of flour used, the salt percentage, and the methods to achieve a robust gluten structure are also crucial. How long should the dough prove? These dough balls have been carefully adjusted to maintain optimal hydration. As a result, you’ll have a well-risen dough that doesn’t stick to the work surface during rolling or hand-stretching. This allows for easy rolling or hand-stretching, saving you valuable time and reducing flour mess in the kitchen. Additionally, there’s no need to scrape dough off bowls and counters, and you won’t have to struggle with removing stuck dough from a zinc scrubber during cleanup.

They’re supplied 30x340g, 40x270g and 60x180g.

The Perfect Structure: Passing the Window Test

When making dough from scratch, achieving the optimum gluten structure can be a daunting task. Kneading for a long time or doing stretch and folds and resting to develop gluten can be time-consuming. However, these dough balls have already been expertly crafted to save you the trouble. In traditional dough making, especially for pizza dough, passing the “window test” is a crucial step. This test involves stretching the dough until it becomes so thin and translucent, (resembling a window pane) that you can see light through. That’s when you know you’ve got a nice strong dough that won’t tear when you stretch it. These dough balls pass the window test with flying colours.

The Versatility Factor

One of the greatest advantages of these dough balls lies in their remarkable versatility. Their three distinct sizes offer many options. They can be used to craft artisanal pizzas, folded and stuffed to create calzones, and are also suitable for a variety of other applications. You can even break them down into smaller balls to prepare garlic dough balls or mozzarella-stuffed dough balls served with marinara sauce.

For a delightful dessert, roll out the dough, spread butter, and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar to create cinnamon rolls. Alternatively, for a classic choice, divide the dough into smaller pieces, shape them into dinner rolls, or bake a mini bread loaf for sandwich making. This versatile dough is also perfect for crafting flatbreads. Add cheese and an egg to make Georgian cheese bread, or stuff it with spinach and cheese to prepare the Turkish flatbread, Gözleme. The possibilities are endless with these dough balls.

No Improvers or Emulsifiers

Fairway Assured Dough Balls are made from the same ingredients you’d use to make your own dough: wheat flour, water, rapeseed oil, salt, and yeast, with no ultra-processed ingredients (UPFs). This makes them an excellent choice for health-conscious environments like nurseries and schools. They deliver the taste and texture of homemade bread and pizza dough without any added improvers or emulsifiers.

Long-lasting Quality

One of the standout characteristics of these dough balls is their robustness. They retain their structure for an extended time after thawing, without collapsing or over-proving. This gives you greater control over your preparation time, ensuring consistency, quality, and zero waste. You can remove as many dough balls as required, and keeping a generous supply in the freezer guarantees you’ll never run out.

In conclusion, the Fairway Assured Dough Balls are ideal for chefs who value quality, efficiency, and versatility. Their ease of use, exceptional taste, and texture make them a necessity for any professional kitchen seeking convenience.

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