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Experience the Indulgence of Fairway Excellence Supercrispy Gourmet Chunky Chips

For chefs and caterers, offering high-quality chips is essential. They’re a customer favourite but can be tricky to get right when it comes to portion control, cooking consistency, and maintaining crispness. That’s where the new Fairway Assured Excellence Supercrispy Chunky Chips come in.

Now, you can treat your customers to the luxury and versatility of our new chips and their distinctive features, including a substantial 18mm size, rustic appearance, and superior heat retention. These chips also have a comforting and nostalgic appeal.

Why These Chunky Chips Deserve a Spot on Your Menu

Chunky chips offer a unique combination of benefits that elevate them beyond your average french fry. Here’s why they deserve a spot on your menu:

Long-lasting Crisp & Effortless Preparation

The new Fairway Assured Excellence Supercrispy Chunky Chips feature an innovative coating that ensures a crisp, golden exterior and fluffy interior that holds its shape for extended periods and leaves no crumbs in the oil, which is ideal for busy kitchens. Plus, their larger size allows them to retain heat more effectively.

This means you can prepare your food effortlessly while ensuring a consistently delicious customer experience.

Premium Presentation & Rustic Charm

These chips impress with their larger size, boasting a more substantial and visually appealing presence. Unlike their thinner counterparts, chunky chips retain a natural potato shape, offering a rustic look that complements various cuisines. This combination creates a premium perception, aligning with the casual dining trend of artisanal food.

Satisfying Texture & Comfort Food Appeal

The thicker cut provides a heartier, more satisfying mouthfeel compared to fries. The fluffy interior and crispy exterior create a delightful contrast, while the overall texture evokes a sense of comfort and nostalgia reminiscent of homemade fries.

Versatility & Instagrammable Potential

Their robust nature allows them to be more than just a side dish. They can be the star of the show, beautifully paired with flavourful toppings like cheese, gravies, aiolis, and more. This versatility lets chefs get creative, while the chunky format makes them ideal for trendy presentations – perfect for capturing those Instagram-worthy moments.

The Convenience of Frozen Chunky Chips

Making chunky chips requires specific potato varieties and meticulous preparation to achieve a perfect balance of crispy exterior and fluffy interior. Frozen chips offer a solution:

Consistent Quality

Frozen chips provide consistent quality and results every time. They are perfectly cut to the ideal size and blanched before freezing to help them cook up crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. This consistent product ensures your dishes will have the same great taste and texture.

Effortless Preparation

Making chunky chips from scratch is extremely labour-intensive. You have to peel, cut, and fry them in batches. Frozen chips eliminate this prep work and free up labour for other kitchen tasks. This can increase efficiencies and control costs.

Reduced Waste

Frozen chips let you manage portion control effectively, minimising food waste in your kitchen. Frozen chips can be kept in the freezer for up to 12 months without losing quality or flavour. This long shelf life gives you flexibility with ordering and using the product as needed.

Space Savings

While fresh potatoes take up considerable cooler/storage space, frozen chips are compact and stackable, optimising limited kitchen space.

Food Safety

The freezing process locks in freshness and prevents bacterial growth. Frozen chips go straight from the freezer to the fryer with minimal handling required, improving food safety practices.

Chunky chips remain a staple in the UK, appearing on menus in pubs, gastropubs, and traditional British restaurants. Your customers will appreciate the rustic appeal and satisfying crunch of Fairway Excellence Supercrispy Gourmet Chunky Chips. They will relish their hearty texture and flavour. Additionally, their unique crispy coating and overall ability to hold up well to sauces and dips will make them popular with chefs and customers.

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