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Meet the Fairway Assured Sauces and Chutney Range

This article will explore the delicious and versatile range of Fairway Assured Sauces and Chutneys that add flavour to meals. From cranberry sauce to apple sauce, burger relish, and thick & chunky Salsa, these condiments are perfect accompaniments to traditional dishes and offer unique flavour combinations.

This article covers:

  • An overview of the unique tastes and textures of Fairway Assured Sauces and Chutneys.
  • Practical suggestions for incorporating these condiments into various dishes.
  • Creative pairing ideas to inspire menu updates and specials.

Fairway Assured Cranberry Sauce

Let’s start with the cranberry sauce. With its vibrant, deep red colour and whole cranberries suspended throughout, the Fairway Assured Cranberry Sauce has a glossy, visually appealing, fruit-filled appearance. Made with 42% cranberry, the rustic charm of the whole berries perfectly captures a homemade feel. Seeing the cranberries in this sauce reminds you of its wholesome nature and fresh ingredients. 

We know cranberry sauce’s sweet and tangy goodness perfectly complements Christmas turkey, gammon, pies, and vegetarian dishes like nut roasts and cheese. However, cranberry sauce can complement many more dishes beyond the festive season.

The Fairway Assured Cranberry Sauce can be used throughout the year, making a great alternative to the classic lingonberry sauce that goes with Swedish meatballs. It’s also delicious in a brie and bacon sandwich and goes beautifully with confit duck and red cabbage. 

If you want to reintroduce the retro deep-fried brie or camembert, incorporating cranberry sauce can enhance the dish’s taste and appearance.

Key takeaways:

  • Ideal for enhancing meat dishes, cheese platters, and even vegetarian options.
  • A versatile sauce that moves beyond Christmas, suitable for adding a tangy sweetness to diverse dishes.
  • Great alternative to other berry sauces, offering a fresh, tangy flavour to complement rich, savoury dishes.

Fairway Assured Apple Sauce

This Fairway Assured Apple Sauce is wonderfully flavoured with perfectly balanced sweetness and acidity. Delicate pieces of apple are scattered in a silky, fragrant, straw-coloured homestyle sauce, adding an artisanal touch. 

Of course, apple sauce is typically paired with roast pork and roast goose, but it has numerous other uses. I love making latkes, a deep-fried potato pancake/rosti with breadcrumbs and nutmeg. They can be pretty rich and indulgent and taste even better when dipped in apple sauce, which helps balance out this richness. 

Apple sauce is a versatile accompaniment that can be served with different types of potato pancakes and regular pancakes. In Europe, it is a popular condiment to be served with blood sausage, which goes by other names such as black pudding, boudin noir in France, or morcilla in Spain.

Despite its many uses, my personal favourite has to be with its classic use, roast pork. You can’t beat a roast pork, stuffing and crackling sandwich, generously spread with butter, a sprinkling of flaked sea salt, and a liberal smear of Fairway Assured apple sauce to top it off.

Key takeaways:

  • Perfect with roast meats and a natural partner for potato pancake/rosti dishes.
  • Offers a sweet counterpoint to rich, fried foods, enhancing their flavour without overpowering.
  • An essential addition to the traditional roast, bringing out the flavour of the meat.

Fairway Assured Burger Relish

This lovely Fairway Assured Burger Relish has finely diced gherkins, providing a zesty and slightly crunchy element. Juicy and ripe tomatoes give the relish a bright red colour and a burst of freshness, while the onion and red pepper offer a subtle sweetness. Spices give the relish a little kick and a bold depth of flavour. 

This blend of ingredients creates a mouth-watering, tangy and sweet accompaniment to complement any burger, fried chicken, hot dogs, sausages, and grilled meats and can even be put in sandwiches. Try it in a cheese toastie!

My favourite burger toppings are pastrami, crisps, blue cheese, raw onions, and this Fairway Assured Burger Relish.  

Key takeaways:

  • Enhances simple sandwiches and grilled meats with its tangy flavour.
  • Can be used creatively in dressings and as a topping for vegetarian meals.
  • A versatile kitchen staple that goes beyond fast food to add depth to a range of dishes.

Fairway Assured Thick and Chunky Salsa

When you open this tub of Fairway Assured Thick and Chunky Salsa, you see a burst of colours that invite you to dig in with your tortilla chip! It has distinct chunks of tomato, onion, jalapeños and peppers. This is a robust condiment, designed for those who love bold flavours. 

This Salsa has robust, tangy, refreshing flavours and an irresistible mix of sweet, savoury, and spicy.

While Salsa is traditionally partnered with tortilla chips, nachos, and other Mexican foods, it’s also used worldwide with burgers and chicken steaks. 

Key takeaways:

  • Adds a vibrant burst of flavour to Mexican dishes, but also burgers, salads, and breakfast items.
  • Can be used to introduce a spicy, fresh element to traditional recipes.
  • Perfect for adding colour and heat to a range of dishes, enhancing their appeal and taste.

And it’s not just limited to dips and toppings. Salsa can also be enjoyed as an addition to salads and wraps, bringing a burst of flavour and freshness to these dishes. Additionally, Salsa pairs exceptionally well with scrambled or fried eggs, adding a piquant twist to the classic breakfast. 

Whether it’s the robust, Thick and Chunky Salsa, the vibrant Cranberry Sauce, the perfectly balanced Apple Sauce, or the zesty Burger Relish, these condiments offer versatility, adding bursts of flavour to a wide range of dishes. 

These Fairway Assured Sauces and Chutneys offer versatile flavour enhancements across a diverse range of dishes. The Thick and Chunky Salsa delivers a vibrant, spice-forward punch ideal for Mexican cuisine, burgers and breakfast plates. The balanced Apple Sauce lends a sweet-tart complement to rich roasts and fried appetisers. The zesty Burger Relish enhances grilled proteins, sandwiches and melts with tangy brightness. These high-quality products enable chefs to transform ordinary plates into delightful experiences.

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