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Maltesers Rocky Road



Time: 20min

Ingredients: 6

Makes: 16 Servings

Our twist on the classic chunky bar. Out go the marshmallows and nuts and in come the Maltesers and maraschinos.


  • 125g Maltesers Balls
  •  150g dark chocolate, chopped
  •  150g milk chocolate, chopped
  •  100g buttermilk spread
  •  125g maraschino cherries
  •  60g light digestive biscuits, broken into small piece


  1. Grease and line a 20cm square cake tin with cling film.
  2. In a saucepan melt the dark and milk chocolate with the buttermilk spread over a very low heat, stirring all the time, or you can do this in the microwave, in short 20 second bursts, stirring between each burst until melted together.
  3. Leave to cool slightly.
  4. Cut half of the cherries in half and stir into the cooled melted chocolate along with the digestives.
  5. Then add all except for a handful of the Maltesers.
  6. Pour into your prepared tin and scatter the remaining Maltesers on top.
  7. Put in the fridge and leave to set (about 4 hours or overnight) before cutting into pieces.

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