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Portobello Wellington

Roasted Portobello, Butternut squash and chestnuts wrapped in all butter puff pastry with an oregano, sun dried tomato and herb ragu.



  • 2 rolls of all butter Puff pastry
  • 50g Portobello mushrooms, peeled and cut into 1 cm pieces
  • 50g Butternut squash, diced into 1cm cubes
  • 25g Cooked chestnuts, roughly chopped
  • 20g Butter
  • 500mlTomato passata
  • 1 Veg stock cube
  • 50g Sun dried tomatoes
  • 1 teaspoon dried or fresh Oregano
  • Parsley for garnish
  • Chives for garnish
  • Eggs for glazing the pastry


  1. Make a tomato sauce with passata, sun-dried tomatoes, stock cube and stems from the oregano.
  2. Saute the portobello, squash and chestnuts in a little butter and water until softened but not overcooked, allow to cool completely in the fridge overnight.
  3. Mix the squash mix with a few of the herbs and then place in the centre of the roll of pastry, then cover with the other roll of pastry.
  4. You can either make the classic Wellington shape or make a dome “Pithivier”, whichever one you decide, make sure you remove the air and try not to pierce the pastry.
  5. Tidy up the pastry by trimming and crimping, brush with egg wash and place back in the fridge until needed.
  6. Preheat the 0ven to 225º and place your baking sheet in the oven. Once hot, remove from the fridge, brush with egg glaze again and bake for 18-20 mins or until your pastry is evenly golden brown.
  7. Remove from the oven and place on top of a pool of the sauce and garnish with the remaining chopped herbs.
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