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Introducing The New Fairway Assured Coated Chicken Range

‍We are excited to present the new Fairway Assured Coated Chicken products, featuring an irresistible selection of Breaded Chicken Breast Goujons, Southern Fried Chicken Breast Goujons, Battered Chicken Nuggets and Battered Chicken Steaks.

Made from premium chicken breast meat, these products offer cost-effective and versatile options for various settings. Whether you’re catering in hospitality, schools or higher education, our chicken products provide great value without compromising on quality or taste.

Breaded Chicken Breast Goujons: A Culinary Delight

The Fairway Assured Breaded Chicken Breast Goujons are versatile and suitable for many dishes. They are made exclusively from the finest quality whole-muscle chicken breast fillets. Serve them as appetisers, main dishes, in sandwiches, or even in Korean kimbap.

Light and Crunchy Golden Breadcrumb Coating

The fully cooked chicken breast strips are coated in a light and crunchy golden breadcrumb. This coating not only adds texture but also complements the clean and light flavour profile of the chicken breast. Pair them with any number of dips to make them even more enjoyable.

Manageable Portion Size

One of the greatest advantages of the Breaded Chicken Breast Goujons is their manageable portion size. With an average weight of 28g, chefs will find portion control much easier compared to other options. These goujons are perfect for buffet meals, just like the Southern Fried Chicken Breast Goujons, as they remain crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, even when served cold.

Contemporary Serving Suggestions

For a contemporary serving suggestion, try placing these goujons in freshly steamed bao buns. Add some kimchi and a choice of either spicy or plain mayonnaise for a modern twist. The combination of flavours and textures is simply irresistible.

Southern Fried Chicken Breast Goujons: A Versatile Delight

The Fairway Assured Southern Fried Chicken Breast Goujons offer a multitude of usage options. From starters to main courses, and even in wraps and sandwiches, these goujons are made exclusively from whole-muscle chicken breast fillets. They are a high-quality choice for caters.

Convenient Size and Delicious Cold

The Southern Fried Chicken Breast Goujons have a convenient size of around 38g, making portion control easier for caterers compared to other options. They are a great choice for buffet meals as they taste delicious even when served cold. The fully cooked chicken strips are coated in a crunchy salt and pepper flavoured southern fried crumb, with a delightful blend of spices, onion, garlic, paprika, oregano, and fennel.

Exciting Serving Suggestions

One enticing serving suggestion is to enjoy the Southern Fried Chicken Breast Goujons in pita bread with chips, salad, and tzatziki sauce inside, gyro-style. This combination creates an exciting and fulfilling meal, perfect for both sit-down dining and grab-and-go options, for takeaway or street food offerings.

Battered Chicken Nuggets: A Hit with Children and Beyond

The Fairway Assured Battered Chicken Nuggets are loved by children and adults alike. Made from 100% chicken breast meat, these nuggets feature a crispy golden batter on the outside and juicy chicken on the inside. They are perfect for children’s menus as, just like the Battered Chicken Breast Steaks, the salt levels in these nuggets meet the Public Health England 2024 salt targets, making them an ideal choice for school meals.

Versatile Cooking Options

Cooking options for the chicken nuggets are versatile, allowing you to achieve optimum results based on your preferences. Deep fry them for a classic and crispy texture, or opt for a healthier alternative by oven baking or air frying them. Whether you’re in the profit or cost sector, these nuggets are a great choice due to their quality and affordability.

The Perfect Balance of Charm and Appeal

The attractive appearance of the chicken nuggets makes them a delightful addition to bento boxes, especially when paired with freshly cut crudités. For a more sophisticated twist, try pairing them with shredded mango salad in rice paper rolls, and dipping them in sweet chilli sauce. The combination of childlike charm and adult appeal makes these nuggets a crowd-pleasing option.

Battered Chicken Steaks: A Hit on Children’s Menus

The Fairway Assured Battered Chicken Steaks are a delicious addition to any menu. Made from premium chicken breast meat, these steaks are not only high quality but also meet the 2024 salt guidelines set by Public Health England, making them suitable for school meals. They can be deep-fried, oven-baked, or air-fried to suit your needs.

Versatile and Endless Possibilities

These chicken steaks can be used in a variety of dishes, making them an excellent choice for caterers. Cut them into strips and toss them with greens to create a mouthwatering chicken Caesar salad or an Asian-inspired crispy chicken spicy salad. The possibilities are endless. Their versatility also makes them suitable for a range of settings, including schools, hotels, leisure establishments, fast food joints, universities, and colleges.

Mix Up the Serving Suggestions

Serve them as a plated meal with fries or in a bun with a Fairway Assured Hash Brown, fresh tomatoes and crispy lettuce – they are perfect for both profit and cost sectors.

Conclusion: Convenience and Deliciousness Combined

The new Fairway Assured Coated Chicken range brings convenience to chefs and deliciousness to customers. From Breaded Chicken Breast Goujons and Southern Fried Chicken Breast Goujons to Battered Chicken Nuggets and Battered Chicken Steaks, each product offers exceptional flavour and multiple usage options. Whether you prefer a classic combination or a contemporary twist, these chicken products are sure to exceed your expectations and leave your customers satisfied. 

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