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Scoring Goals in the Kitchen: Top Dishes for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

The Fifa Women’s World Cup is almost upon us, and aside from burgers – which we shared some recipes for recently – there are a few other typical New Zealand and Australian dishes you can make during the month-long World Cup, to really help get your guests into the spirit.


1. BBQ Shrimp (prawns)

Aussie’s love a BBQ and throwing some ‘shrimp on the Barbie’ is a line you’ve probably heard many times. This dish is quick and simple, with the flavour coming from the smokey BBQ and delicious prawn meat. Don’t worry if you don’t have a BBQ, a grill or griddle pan will do the trick. Serve these with a simple dipping sauce like an aioli or spicy mayo and a wedge of lemon, or put them onto skewers with tomatoes and veg in the middle.

2. Sausage Rolls

Australia, like the UK, adores sausage rolls, enhancing the traditional recipe with gamey kangaroo meat or spice-enhanced beef to add a unique flavour dynamic. Try this summery take on the classic sausage roll recipe.

3. The Bold & Fruity Australia Burger

The Australian, or “Aussie,” burger is a delightful blend of a succulent beef patty, caramelized onions, crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and sweet pineapple. The addition of earthy beetroot slaw and a rich fried egg further defines its unique flavour profile.

Serve with Fairway French Fries, seasoned with paprika, chilli, piri piri and rosemary.

New Zealand

1. Crayfish Roll (Lobster / Crab / Crayfish)

We may not have crayfish but we have other seafood that will work perfectly with this delicious dish, like lobster, crayfish – UK type! – and crab. It goes perfectly with a pint or a glass of wine while watching the game and is quick and easy to make ahead of time and serve to order.

2. Meat Pie 

Just like the Aussie’s love sausage rolls, Kiwis like pies! Generally, this is a mixture of high-quality mince and veggies, but breakfast pies with bacon and eggs are also becoming popular. Here, we’ve combined buttery puff pastry, beef and cheese for an indulgent game-worthy dish!

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